GIAAC 2001 Fixtures & Results

Jones & Partners Winter League Positions can be found here.

Date Results Race / Venue Series Distance Time Organiser
Tue 1 Jan R Newyears day Fullcourse Rocque Balan 4.75m 11am Paul Setters
14 Jan R Jones & Partners Winter League
Cobo Loop
WL1 3m 11am Noel & Sylvia
21 Jan R Footes Lane
10km Road Championships
CC WC5 10km 11am Dave & Jan
28 Jan R Jones & Partners Winter League
Full Course
WL2 4.75m 11am Terry & Chris
4 Feb R Grandes Rocques
Coastal Paths
WC6 4.5 11am Phil & Charlie
11 Feb R Vazon to Rousse 4m 11am Graham Le P
18 Feb R Jones & Partners Winter League
Vazon Circuit
WL3 4.5m 11am Brian Horsepool
25 Feb R GIAAC X-Country Champs
Fauxquets Valley Campsite
4 Mar Inter Insular Cross Country
Footes Lane
11 Mar R Jones & Partners Winter League
Grandes Rocques Coastal Path Out and Back
WL4 4m 11am Peter Ray and Mike
18 Mar R Church to Church from Guernsey Brewery 19.75m 9:30am Winkle & Rene
25 Mar R Jones & Partners Winter League
Last Post
WL5 5m 11am Jeremy Mew
1 Apr Trinity Trophy
L'Ancresse to Bulwer Ave
3m 11am Dave Mahy
8 Apr R Jones & Partners Winter League
WL6 1m 11am Helen Tucker
13-16 Apr Newton Investment Management
13 Apr R 10km
14 Apr R Full Course 4.75m XC
15 Apr R-Indiv
4 x 3.5km XC Relays
16 Apr R Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
St Peter Port
R - Overall Individual
R - Overall Team
6 May Social Run
9 May Liberation Day Run - Rousee to Town 7m 11am Paul Ingrouille
13 May Social Run
20 May Social Run
26 May Sark 10
More Details to follow
10m Mike Doyle
27 May Social Run
2 June Healthspan
GIAAC vs Bath University
Track & Field
3 June Race for Life
Footes Lane
11:00am Julie Lawlor
10 June Presentation Run
L'Eree Bay Hotel
10:00am Sue Edmonds
17 June Healthspan Half Marathon
Imperial Hotel to Bulwer Ave
13.1m 9:30am
24 June Le Riches's St Peters 10:00am Julie Lawlor
2 July Imperial Hotel Social 5m 9:30am Chris & Terry
8 July Pembroke Tea Rooms Social 5m 9:30am Alan Roger
15 July Vazon Bay Tea Rooms Social 5m 9:30am Brian Horsepool
22 July Jan & Dave's House tel:728940 Social 5m 9:30am Jan & Dave
29 July Bordeaux Tea Rooms Social 5m 9:30am Patrick Down
1 Aug Town Relay 4 x 1 mile 6:00pm Caroline Wickham
4-10 Aug All Terrain Challenge
5 Aug Petit Bot Tea Rooms Social 5m 9:30am JP
11 Aug Herm 3m 3:00pm Beryl Amy
19 Aug Icart Car Park Social 5m 9:30am Nicole & Gary
27 Aug R 10km from Footes Lane 10km 11:00am Francis Kehoe
2 Sep R Cliffs - Pleinmont to Manor Hotel 7m 9:30am Winkle & Chris
9 Sep R Second half Full Course 2.75m 10:00am Rick Le Lievre
16 Sep R Grande Rocque to Vale Church HC1 3m 10:00am Peter Touzeau
23 Sep R Cliff Paths - Guernsey Brewery to Pleinmont 8m / 15m 9:30am Winkle & Chris
30 Sep R L'Ancresse to Bulwer Ave 3m 10:00am Colin Guilmoto
14 Oct R Pleinmont Top car park - 2 laps 4m 10:00am Martin Spratt
21 Oct R Full Course - Pembroke HC2 4.75m 10:00am Paul Ingrouille
28 Oct R Tower - Tower Pembroke WC1 5.5m 10:00am Gordon Mercier
4 Nov R Coastal Path - Grandes Rocques HC3 4.5m 10:00am Nicole & Gary
11 Nov R Pleinmont - Grandes Rocque CC WC2 10km 10:00am Jan & Dave
18 Nov JERSEY half 13.1m
25 Nov R Vazon Circuit 4.5m 10:00am Brian Horsepool
2 Dec R Sylvans Football Pitch 7m 10:00am Bob Duquemin
9 Dec R Les Ammereurs Cross Country CC WC3 10:00am
16 Dec R Top Val Des Terres - New Course HC5 4m 10:00am Winkle & Andy
26 Dec R Boxing Day Full Course 4.75m 11:00am Ian Le Moigne

HC = Handicap , XC = Cross Country, CC = Club Championship, WL = Winter League
WC = Winter Championship SS = Summer Series