GIAAC 2004 Fixtures & Results

Series Results:

2004/5 Winter XC League - Easter Festival Overall - 2004 Handicap Overall
Other Results: Athletes racing away

Track & Field Inter Insular 4th/5th Sept 2004

Non members and visiting athletes - click here for race participation information.

Date Results Race / Venue Series Distance Time Organiser
1 Jan R New years day Fullcourse Rocque Balan 4.75m 11am Roger Naftel
3 Jan R Hampshire XC Champs Geoff King
11 Jan The Guet Multi Lap Race 10am Colin Ozanne
18 Jan R Jones & Partners Winter League
Cobo Loop
WL1 3m 10am Gail Merrien
25 Jan R Sylvans FC Multi Terrain 7 miles 10am Dave Mahy
1 Feb R Jones & Partners Winter League
L'Eree - Vazon
WL2 5km 10am Frank Kehoe
8 Feb R Imperial - New Course CC 10m 10am Gordon Mercier
15 Feb R Jones & Partners Winter League
Grandes Rocques - Coastal Paths
WL3 10am Nick Despres
22 Feb R Lucksall - Millenium Course XC CC 10am Phil Guilbert
29 Feb R Jones & Partners Winter League
Vazon Loop
WL5 4.5m 10am Keith Gallienne
7 Mar R Jones & Partners Winter League
L'Eree Circuit
WL4 4m 10am Jason Le Ray
Sat 13 Mar Inter Insular Cross Country
Noirmont Jersey
21 Mar Church to Church 19.75m 9:30am Andy Ozanne
Pete Wickens
28 Mar R Imperial Grandes Rocques CC 10km 10:00am Nick Loveridge
4 Apr Vale Pond - Northside 5km 10am Ian Garner
Overall Easter Festival
9 Apr R 10km - Port Soif 10km 10.30am
10 Apr R Full Course XC - L'Ancresse 4.75m 11.00am
11 Apr R
4 x 3.5km XC Relays - L'Ancresse 10.30am
12 Apr R Half Marathon - St Peter Port 13.1m 10am
25 Apr Pembroke - Trinity Trophy New Format 10:00am Dave Mahy
Thur 9 May R Liberation Day Run - Rousee to Town 7m 11am Keith Gallienne
Sat 29th May R Info Sark 10 (plus 5km and u14 2.5m) Mike Doyle
Sun 6th June R Vazon - Imperial -Vazon 10km Mike Doyle
Jun-13 Icart carpark Training/social 10AM
Sun 20 June R info Healthspan
Half Marathon
Jun-27 Icart carpark Training/social 10AM
Jul 03-Sat Imperial - closed road 2 laps 5k 6.30PM Jason Le Ray
Jul-04 Pembroke carpark Training/social 10AM
Jul-11 Pembroke carpark Training/social 10AM
Jul-18 R Pembroke Full course 4.75Miles 10AM Dave Mahy
Jul 20 Tues Footes Lane Track Club Champs 10,000 Metres 7PM
Jul-25 Pembroke carpark Training/social 10AM
Jul 27 Tues Footes Lane Track Club Champs 5,000 Metres 7PM
Jul 31 Sat R L`ancresse Lodge / Bordeaux loop 5k 6.30PM Brian Holden
Aug-01 Pembroke carpark Training/social 10AM
Aug 08-13 Final GC
All Terrain week
Geoff King
7 Aug R Pleinmont road race 4km
8 Aug R Icart Cliff Path Race 5m
9 Aug R Telegraph Bay Hill Climb 0.4m
10 Aug R Circuit Race 6km
11 Aug R Footes Lane Track Races 800m
12 Aug R Icart Cliff Path Time Trial 5m
13 Aug R Herm XC Race 4m
Aug14 Sat R Herm race 3 Miles 3PM Lesley Bailey
Aug-15 Pembroke carpark Training/social 10AM
Aug-22 Pembroke carpark Training/social 10AM
Aug-29 Pembroke carpark Training/social 10AM
Aug 30 Mon R Cobo carpark 10K 10AM Keith Gallienne
Sep-4 & 5 R Track & Field Inter Insular
Foote's Lane
Sep-8 Wed R Cable & Wireless
Inter Firm Town Relay
4 x 1mile 6:00 PM Pete Wickens
Sep-12 Pembroke Road Race (2 laps Specsavers) 5km 10AM Nick Loveridge
Sep-19 Strawberry Farm Training/social 10AM
Sep-26 R Pleinmont-Petit Bot cliffpaths 7Miles 10AM Chris O`Neill
Oct-03 Offa`s Orror(Wales)
Oct-03 Strawberry Farm Training/social 10AM
Oct-10 Strawberry Farm Training/social 10AM
Oct-17 7(PDF)
Target Auto Parts
Town-Petit Bot-Pleinmont
7/15 Miles 10AM Roger Naftel
Oct-24 Strawberry Farm Training/social 10AM
R Alderney Half Marathon
Oct 30 Sat R Jones & Partners Winter League
Full Course/Pembroke
XC1 4.75 Miles 2PM Peter Touzeau
Oct-31 Strawberry Farm Training/social 10AM
Nov-07 Sausmarez carpark Training/social 10AM
Nov 13 Sat R Jones & Partners Winter League
Footes Lane
XC2 5k/8k 2PM John Addy
Nov-14 Sausmarez carpark Training/social 10AM
Nov-21 Sausmarez carpark Training/social 10AM
Nov 27 Sat R Jones & Partners Winter League
Fauxquet valley
XC3 4/6 Miles 2PM Steve Dawes
Nov-28 Sausmarez carpark Training/social 10AM
Dec-05 Sausmarez carpark Training/social 10AM
Dec 11 Sat R Jones & Partners Winter League
Lucksall-Millenium course
XC4 4/6/8 Miles 2PM Alun Williams
Dec-26 R Boxing Day Full course 4.75 Miles 11AM Kevin Le Noury

HC = Handicap , XC = Cross Country, CC = Club Championship, WL = Winter League
WC = Winter Championship SS = Summer Series