GIAAC 2008 Fixtures & Results

Whilst the migration to the new results and ranking website takes place, many results and those presently incompatible with the new site will continue to be posted here.  In particular some track and field results are being posted to a consolidated results page here.

Junior section u13/u15/u17 : Consolidated Autumn / Winter 2008 Results - All Series

Junior section u13/u15/u17 : Consolidated Winter 2007/2008 Results - All Series

Summer Handicap Series - Overall standings

OSA XC Series Overall Standings

Colts XC Series Fixtures here.


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Date Results Ages Event Distance Time Series Organiser
Tue 01 Jan S New Years day Full Course (clockwise) 4.75miles 11.00 AM Alun Williams
Sat 05 Jan S J Hampshire XC champs
Sun 13 Jan R S Last Post Talbot -Valley 5 Miles 10.00AM Greg Robert
Sun 27 Jan R S Footes lane X/C 10.00AM club champs Paul Ingrouille
Sat 09 Feb R (PDF) S J Inter insular (Jersey ) X/C
Sat 16 Feb S Mud and fun Charity run Guernsey Hash
Sun 17 Feb R S L` Eree-Vazon 5K 10.00AM Markus West
Sun 24 Feb R S Imperial Circuit- Road 10 Miles 10.00AM club champs Frank Kehoe
Sun 09 Mar R S Church to Church 19.5 Miles 10.00AM Paul Hooker
Fri 21 to24 S Easter festival
Fri 21 to 24 Mar-07 Info Overall  S Healthspan Easter Running Festival 2007
Fri 21 Mar R PDF
S Easter Festival 10km 10km 10:30am
Sat 22 Mar R PDF Photo S Easter Festival Full Course 4.75 miles 11:00am
Sun 23 Mar R-indiv Indiv-PDF
R-Team Team-PDF
S Easter Festival XC Relay 4 x 2miles 10:30am
Mon 24 Mar R PDF Photo S Easter Festival Half Marathon 13.1 miles 10:00am
Sun 06 Apr R S Sylvans Multi-terrain 7 Miles 10.00AM Phil Guilbert
Sun 20 Apr R S Vazon road 1 Mile 10.00AM Ian Garner
26/27th April J Junior/Coaches Training Camp
Sun 27 Apr R S Imperial-Grandes Rocques 10K 10.00AM club champs Terry Wright
Sun 04 May R S Pembroke Mirage loop 4.5K 10.00AM Ladies race Steve Dawes
Fri 09 May R S Liberation race 7 Miles & 3 Miles 11:00AM Dave Mahy
10/11th May T&F S+J Hampshire T&F Champs
14th May T&F R S+J Fortis Gold Series GP1
17th May T&F S Loughborough Intl /BMC GP1
18th May Road W Race for Life - Footes Lane 5k non GIAAC event
18th May T&F J Young Athletes League (Bournemouth)
18th May Road S Great Manchester Run
Sat 24 May S Sark Races 10 Miles Mike Doyle
24/25th May T&F J SEAA U15 & U17 Champs - Crystal Palace or Ashford
Sun 25 May Road S R.G.Falla Quarter Marathon Charity Run 6.55m 10.30 AM non GIAAC event
25th/26th May T&F S Inter Counties T&F
31st May T&F S BMC GP2
1st June T&F J Young Athletes League TBC (Bracknelll)
7th June T&F SM British Mens League - Kingston
8th June T&F SW UK Womens League - Newport
15th June Road R All HEATHSPAN/GASP Half Marathon 13.1 09:00am Alun Williams/Di Lawrence
14/15th June T&F S SEAA Champs - Crystal Palace
T&F S British Cup Qualifier
T&F S BMC Elite GP
21/22nd June T&F U23/U20 U20&U23 National Champs - Bedford
22nd June T&F J YAL (Portsmouth - Mount Batten)
25th June T&F R S+J Fortis Gold Series GP2
Wed 25 Jun Road R S Handicap Series 1 L`Ancresse Lodge 5K 6.30 PM HC
26th June T&F S+J Club Race Night ?
28th June T&F S BMC GP3
29th June T&F J YAL
Wed 02 Jul Road R S Handicap Series 2 Pembroke 4.5K 6.30 PM HC
5th July T&F SM British Mens League - Leeds
6th July T&F SW UK Womens League - Coventry
Tue 08 Jul T&F   J Junior Club Champs (U13 & U15 Only)       Richard Cowling
Wed 09 Jul Road R S Handicap Series 3 Imperial Closed road- 2 laps 4K 6.30 PM HC
Thur 10 Jul T&F   J Junior Club Champs (U13 & U15 Only)       Richard Cowling
11-13th July T&F S Senior National Champs & Olympics Trials
Wed 16 Jul Trail R S Handicap Series 4 Grandes Rocques out & back TBA 6.30 PM HC
Thur 17th July T&F   S Senior 400m/300m & 5000m/3000m Club Champs. note 5000m for seniors & 3000m for U17s (u13&u15 guests) 300m for U15 Girls       Lee
19th July T&F S BMC GP
20th July T&F J YAL (Dorest - Ashdown - Poole)
20th July T&F S Possible British Cup Qual?
Wed 23 Jul Road R S+J Town relay Pete Wickens
24th July T&F S+J Club Race Night 1500m (all ages - mixed race)
25th July T&F S Crystal Palace GP
26th July - 1st Aug Multi Terrain R S All Terrain Challenge Geoff King
Wed 30th July T&F   S Senior 800m Club Champs (U17 - Seniors U15 guests)       Lee
Thur 31st July T&F   J 800m (For juniors who didnt race yesterday!)       Lee
2nd August T&F SM British Mens League - Bedford
3rd August T&F SW UK Womens League - Ashford Kent
Thur 7th August T&F   S Senior 1500m Club Champs also open 400m & 300m (U15G) races.       Lee/RIchard
Sat 09 Aug Road S+J Herm race 3 Miles 3:00 PM Lesley Bailey
9/10th August T&F J U17&U15 National Champs - Birmingham
9th August T&F S BMC GP
9th August T&F S UK Challenge Final
14th August T&F   S&J 3000m (mixed ages) & 300m (u15g) & 400m (u15B) races.        
16th August T&F SM British Mens League - Ashford Kent
Tue 19th Aug T&F   S 10000m Club Champs (U20 & Seniors only)        
15th -24th Aug T&F S Beijing Olympics
Mon 25 Aug Road R S August Bank Holiday 10k Saumarez Park 10k 10am Ingy
21st August T&F S+J 800m (all ages) Lee
31st August T&F Rmen Rwomen S+J Blue Island Match Rob Batiste
6th/7th September T&F R S+J Inter - Insular (Guernsey)
Sun 07 Sept Cliffs R S Pleinmont-Petit Bot Cliffs 7 Miles 10:00 AM Brian Holden
Sun 21 Sept Cliffs R S South Esplanade-Muelin Huet loop & Back 9 Miles 10:00 AM J-P. MacÚ
Sun 05 Oct Cliffs R S South Esp. - Petit Bot or to Pleinmont 8/15 Miles 9.30 AM Roger Naftel
Sat 18 Oct XC R PDF S+J X/c 1 Delancey Park 2:00 PM XC Andy Walker
Sat 01 Nov XC R PDF S+J X/c 2 Pembroke-Bunker Hill Course 2:00 PM XC Paul Hooker
Sat 15 Nov XC R PDF S+J X/c 3 Fauxquet Valley 2:00 PM XC Ronan Shally
Sat 29 Nov XC R PDF S+J X/c 4 Lucksall-Millenium Course 2:00 PM XC Bob Green - Lyn Mahy
Sat 13 Dec XC R PDF S+J X/c 5 Footes Lane 2:00 PM XC Chris O`Neill
Fri 26 Dec XC R S+J L`Ancresse Lodge - Full Course 4.75 Miles 11:00 AM Nick Le Messurier
Thur 01 Jan XC S+J L`Ancresse Lodge -Full Course-Handicap 4.75 Miles 11:00 AM Gordon Mercier

Ages: S = Senior (minimum age will depend on distance), J = Junior Section u13 to u20, C = Colts Section
HC = Handicap , XC = Cross Country, CC = Club Championship, WL = Winter League
WC = Winter Championship SS = Summer Series